Some Client Websites We Have Created

Here are some samples of client websites and Blogs that we have created

3rd Party Blog - AFG Grants - American Classic Car Sale - Apple Vodka - Best Display Rack - City New York - Dr. James Henderson - Edge Custom Blog - Enhanced Contact - For the Bayou - Maureen Green CNY - National Archives Genealogy - New York City Motels - New York Uncorked - Old Newspaper Articles - UP serp

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What are Your Web Design Requirements?

The majority of websites in existence are pages of information about a company or product or service and that type of website is called a "Static" website. Since the advent of Blogging it has been discovered that a Blog or a website built with Blogging software is considered "Dynamic" as the content is updated frequently and this type of site generally has an advantage in the search engine placement. Tell us what your requirements are and we will suggest the type of web design that we feel would work best in your situation, and we will be very happy to submit a proposal for the design you want. is located in Central New York State but we will build your website for any location in the USA.

Let Us Explain the Value of a 3rd Party Blog

We build and operate many Blogs for other people and companies large and small. A 3rd Party Blog is one that we design to your liking and then we interview you on your subject or product and discuss the market share that you would like to obtain for the keywords relative to your product or service. We use a system of unique tools that tell us the approximate Searches per Month (SPM) and the approximate Strength of Competition (SOC) for any give keyword or keyword phrase. Knowing this we target Blog posts that will be attractive to the search engines for the keywords that represent your website, For more information on this service you may go to one of our sister websites at 3rd Party Blog for full particulars.